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27 April 2021

In this second episode of this three-part series, Giana Carli Lorenzini, postdoctoral research fellow, Packaging Logistics at Lund University, discuss the challenges of introducing better functionality and usability to clinical packaging amid tight constraints and how the latest innovations in this area are driving patient adherence together with [...]

26 April 2021

“The government's corona strategy is currently being reviewed by the Constitution Committee (KU). As strategy researchers, we are amazed by the questions and answers related to the corona strategy.”

23 April 2021

At, logistics researcher Stefan Karlsson discusses how free returns affect companies financially – especially in the short term.

1 April 2021

Daniel Hellström, researcher in Packaging Logistics at Design Sciences, LTH, participated in a digital meeting for shops and retail in Lund municipality, where those working in the field had an opportunity to talk to actors from the university and law firms as well as municipal representatives.

31 March 2021

Small companies are in a vulnerable position where entrepreneurial ecosystems can contribute with expertise and important contacts.

25 March 2021

“Helsingborgs Handelsförening” (local trade association) has for many years supported research and education at Lund University. The investment in young researchers at Campus Helsingborg continues through a recent announcement of research funding of SEK 1 million.

17 March 2021

Free returns are common in e-commerce, and can instill confidence in customers who order clothes and shoes that can be difficult to evaluate by screen alone. But free returns are also a burden on the environment and in many cases a great financial burden for the company, and now retailers are trying various solutions to the problem, including [...]

7 March 2021

Why is pharmaceutical packaging shifting to a more patient-centric design?

5 March 2021

"Why are there so many food tubes in Sweden?" The YouTube channel Great Big Story wants to know. They turn to Karla Marie Paredes, Ph.D. Student in Innovation Engineering, at Design Sciences, Lund University, who wrote her master thesis on this very subject back in 2013.

26 February 2021

“The challenges of sustainable development require whole supply chains and networks to drive change and innovation.”