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Innovation is an interdisciplinary subject that deals with change processes from a human, technical, business and policy perspective. 

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At the Division of Innovation, change processes are in focus. They can derive from different perspectives and the courses touch on processes driven by user benefits, technology development, business development or policy decisions.

A wide range of courses are offered by the division – below organised in four different areas that need to be addressed in our changing world. Links under each heading below lead to the course syllabi on the LTH course website.

Courses related to design for circularity and net zero industry impact.

Through the basic level courses, you get tools and methods for working with product development processes in general. While the advanced level courses provide in-depth knowledge and skills to deal with specific factors that affect the product development process.

Basic courses

Advanced courses

Courses related to design for, and impact of, digitalisation and emerging technologies.

Basic level courses provide skills to handle digital tools to – in 2D and 3D – communicate product ideas in development processes. Through the advanced courses, you develop your skills in digital tools for specific phases of the development process – for example structural optimization of construction details and prototyping.

Basic courses

Advanced courses

The courses relate to innovation and entrepreneurship and provide knowledge of innovation processes as well as the internal and external factors that influence the success of the process. The teaching is project-based.

Basic course

Advanced courses

The courses are related to the transformation of industry and provide in-depth knowledge of how various contextual factors affect the implementation of the development process. The courses are largely organised as independent work.

Advanced courses

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Freestanding courses

Open to all who meet the essential requirements. 

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Research education

Innovation offers several research education courses and you find information about doing a PhD and links to the courses here: 

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Are you interested in Product Development?

The role of a design engineer is dynamic and exciting. Designers use sound theoretical knowledge and advanced innovative thinking. As an engineering student at LTH you can choose to specialize in product development. 

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Efficient product development with advanced tools and methods

Comissioned education for working professionals. Upgrade your product development competence with training modules and the support of experts. 


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