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Together, we explore and create – to benefit the world.

LTH, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University

About us

Innovation research supports the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and in line with the Faculty of Engineering’s vision also clusters around the five main areas of climate, life, digitalization, industry, and environment.

Innovation is a multi-disciplinary and broad domain, which is reflected in the diversity of our team of researchers. We look upon innovation as an iterative process of ideation, development, and implementation or adoption, and our research addresses the different parts of this cycle, using different perspectives.

Some of our topics of interest include:

  • Product, service, and business model innovation
  • Innovation measurement systems
  • Decision-making in innovation projects
  • Innovation and strategic management within firms
  • Open innovation and open-source technologies
  • Drivers and barriers of innovation adoption
  • Innovation policy in entrepreneurial systems
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • User innovation
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Contact us

Mart Laatsit

Head of Division
+46 46 222 33 90

Annette Gustafs

Financial Administrator
+46 46 222 46 97

Jessika Sellergren

Communications Manager
+46 46 222 85 10

Innovation is part of Design Sciences at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University.

Visit us

at Ingvar Kamprad Design Center (IKDC), Sölvegatan 26 in Lund.