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Student at Packaging Logistics wins prize

Every year, the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council gives an award to the best student essay. This year, a student at Packaging Logistics, LTH, has been awarded the prize: Sten Georgii Hellberg for the degree project "A case study of alternative pallet solutions at Tetra Pak Additional Materials".

– Published 17 June 2021

piles of wood pallets. Photo.
The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council's award for this year's student essay goes to a degree project on transport pallets. Photo: Jahongir Ismoilov, Unsplash

Sten Georgii Hellberg has investigated the dimensions and materials of transport pallets. There are currently no global standards sizes, which has led to pallets not fitting optimally in the container spaces. This in turn means that too much void is transported around the globe.

Pallets are mostly made of solid wood, which consumes natural resources when many trees are felled. They also have a negative effect on the environment as the wooden pallets are heavy, which leads to high emissions during transport. Sten Georgii Hellberg proposes paper as an alternative material to significantly reduce transport emissions. At the same time, he points out in the essay that more studies on sustainability are required before paper pallets can replace the current solution.

Henrik Pålsson, professor at Packaging logistics, supervised the degree project.

You find more information about the essay in the Lund University Student Papers database.

Once a year, the Retail and Wholesale Council awards a student essay prize. It is students at colleges and universities who in some way touch on trade in their essays that can be nominated.

Read more about the 2021-price in the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council's newsletter (in Swedish).