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Best master thesis prize to Elif Tiryakioglu for sustainable paper straw wrap

Elif Tiryakioglu was awarded Sparbanken Skåne’s master prize for especially distinguished master thesis project, for her work entitled “Development and Evaluation of a Sustainable Paper Straw Wrap: A Packaging Design Project for Tetra Pak”. Elif graduated from the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree FIPDes, Food Innovation and Product Design, in summer 2020.

– Published 6 July 2021

woman holding a diploma by a podium. Photo.


Elif has in collaboration with Tetra Pak and the Department of Design Sciences developed and evaluated a packaging solution for paper straws for beverage cartons to prevent littering and to be a more sustainable alternative to plastic packaging.

The method and results demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the environmental impact of consumer packaging. Elif has succeeded in integrating many different aspects into an excellent design proposal. The developed packaging solution contributes to among other things reduced littering, eliminates the use of fossil-based adhesives, reduces the plastic content in the packaging and leads to a more efficient use of materials.

Elif’s master thesis is very well written and her use of illustrations in the report is excellent. The thesis is of value both for Tetra Pak and for the development in the area of sustainable packaging design.

Watch a video of Elif receiving the prize on YouTube, as a part of the digital graduation ceremony (pre-recorded event) by the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University (starting time: 27 min 18 sec).