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Knowledge hub for sustainable e-commerce – a collaboration between ReLog, CLOSER and the City of Helsingborg

Achieving the global sustainability goals requires the e-commerce sector to transform into a sustainable logistics system. A unique e-commerce initiative is now taking a holistic approach to e-commerce opportunities and challenges, states a City of Helsingborg-press release.

– Published 13 July 2021

person bending down to pick up a box outside their door. Photo.

The project – led by ReLog at Lund University and CLOSER – is funded by Vinnova for three years, starting in August 2021.

– ReLog and CLOSER are the driving players for future e-commerce knowledge and pilot projects. The goal of the effort is to create a successful collaboration arena and competence centre for sustainable e-commerce logistics, says Daniel Hellström in the press release. Daniel Hellström is a professor of Packaging Logistics at LTH and the research leader for ReLog.

Press release (in Swedish) from the City of Helsingborg: "ReLog and CLOSER with the City of Helsingborg in a unique collaboration on a knowledge hub for sustainable e-commerce". 

Press release (in Swedish) from Vinnova: "Sweden takes a leading role in the e-commerce of the future".

If you want to know more about e-commerce research, email Daniel Hellström – or Klas Hjort –



CLOSER is a neutral collaboration platform, knowledge hub and “project workshop” for increased transport efficiency and well-functioning logistics. CLOSER's goal is to contribute with new solutions to the freight transport system that will provide for a sustainable society.

About ReLog

ReLog conducts, strengthens and develops interdisciplinary, needs-oriented and applied research, which contributes to skills development, new workforce and innovation, and thus to growth for the region's business community. The research is needs-related and based on an extensive needs inventory by the City of Helsingborg, the business community and their interests.