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8 September 2021

In this last episode of this three-part series, Giana Carli Lorenzini, postdoctoral research fellow, Packaging Logistics at Lund University, discusses how companies should approach the design of senior-friendly self-administered drug devices by putting the patient and their physical and cognitive limitations at the heart of their programmes, and [...]

8 September 2021

Researchers from Design Sciences – both Packaging Logistics and Innovation Engineering – find themselves amongst the most-read authors when The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research lists its top-performing articles right now.

13 July 2021

Achieving the global sustainability goals requires the e-commerce sector to transform into a sustainable logistics system. A unique e-commerce initiative is now taking a holistic approach to e-commerce opportunities and challenges, states a City of Helsingborg-press release.

6 July 2021

Elif Tiryakioglu was awarded Sparbanken Skåne’s master prize for especially distinguished master thesis project, for her work entitled “Development and Evaluation of a Sustainable Paper Straw Wrap: A Packaging Design Project for Tetra Pak”. Elif graduated from the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree FIPDes, Food Innovation and Product Design, in [...]

23 June 2021

What are the consumers’ expectations on recipient-free delivery services and how are the expectations affected by their actual experience? John Olsson, doctoral student at Packaging Logistics, presents ongoing research on recipient-free deliveries in the grocery trade. The studies are carried out together with Nowaste Logistics, where their service [...]

17 June 2021

Every year, the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council gives an award to the best student essay. This year, a student at Packaging Logistics, LTH, has been awarded the prize: Sten Georgii Hellberg for the degree project "A case study of alternative pallet solutions at Tetra Pak Additional Materials".

2 June 2021

On 4 and 11 June the students within FIPDes, Food Innovation and Product Design will present their degree projects (master’s theses). They are taking the specialisation Food Packaging Design and Logistics, with courses during autumn 2020 and degree project now during spring 2021.

27 May 2021

Access to education is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 4: Quality Education describes education as a human right. Can student loans be a solution to support higher education in developing countries?

3 May 2021

When online shopping grows, so do returns, which is a challenge worth paying attention to.

27 April 2021

In this second episode of this three-part series, Giana Carli Lorenzini, postdoctoral research fellow, Packaging Logistics at Lund University, discuss the challenges of introducing better functionality and usability to clinical packaging amid tight constraints and how the latest innovations in this area are driving patient adherence together with [...]