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Innovation Engineering is an interdisciplinary subject that deals with technical, human and business perspectives on innovation and the innovation process.

If new products and services are to be innovations, i.e., in use, it is important to integrate technology with user needs and business models. User-friendliness, technical feasibility, commercial viability and sustainability are important criteria that should be considered for a successful innovation process. Since innovation processes almost always involve a journey into at least partially unknown terrain, it is important to work with an iterative method where experience-based learning is made possible and utilized.


We offer courses in Design Thinking (INTN01 - Innovation Engineering), in management of innovation processes in existing companies (INNN01 - Innovation Management), as well as innovation processes in start-up companies (INNN05 - Entrepreneurship). We are also happy to handle the degree projects in innovation engineering that concern the above knowledge areas.  

Innovation Engineering also offers a couple of specialized courses in patient innovation (TFRD40 – Patient perspectives) and health care innovation (TFRG20 – Health care innovation and management) mainly for health care professionals and care takers.

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