Ulrika Sandén

I am a cat loving PhD student in innovation engineering who loves to write. My background is in social work.

I try to always involve the end users in my research. Who am I doing this for and what do they think of it?

I am convinced that there are better ways to organize and care for people. With knowledge and a partly new mindset we may create health where we today create distress.

If we can learn to deal with issues such as waiting, health and hope it may benefit many people. Increased participation, equality and health are concrete goals in Agenda 2030. Health and well-being are central.

The idea is based on democratizing through participation, giving loved ones and patients increased knowledge. The goal is increased inclusion, more equal care and increased well-being where user value and accessibility are key words when we mix health, social work and economy.

We can't cure all diseases, but we can create good health by enabling many people to reach their full potential.

I am currently working with a Vinnova financed project “Strengthened cancer rehabilitation” in cooperation with Lydiagården cancer rehabilitation.

I started the course patient perspective and ability at Lund university in 2017, a cooperation between three faculties.

I am creating a toolbox for well-being based on momentary contentment. The background of the theory is available through the book “Nuets förnöjsamhet” (Egmont förlag) from June 2019.



Working in the Proactive cancer project (external page). Her research aims to develop innovative psychosocial tools for better communication, increased feelings of safety and improved wellbeing. The research has its origin in a study of an Arctic region that Ulrika studied and lived in 2010-2014. Now she is looking into the possibilities of modifying and developing their strategies for momentary contentment and safety feelings in Swedish cancer care.

Proactive cancer is a Vinnova-funded interdisciplinary project that aims to shorten the time from initial concerns over the disease to diagnosis while increasing the well-being. Both cancer patients and their relatives are included. The project aims at developing new diagnostic tools which we combine with usability. The project also aims to develop innovative strategies and tools for communication, safety feelings and contentment within families and networks in which cancer or concern about cancer appears.

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  • 2015. The main speaker in the international web seminar: "Contentment in the moment, a Grounded Theory". Participants from 10 different countries, including New Zealand, the US, Britain and Lithuania.


  • 2015 Masters in Social Work, Lund University.
  • 1999 BSc in Social Work, Lund University.
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