Nanond Nopparat

I’m Nanond Nopparat, a PhD student in Innovation Engineering and Product Development. I’m focusing on additive manufacturing (AM) technology —commonly called 3D printing— and business model.

 I have a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering (Kasetsart university, Thailand, 2006) and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (Blekinge Institute of Technology, 2012). Based on my personal interest in 3D printing, my aim is to identify the added values of this technology and its contribution to the future of manufacturing.

AM is a relatively new method of manufacturing

AM is a relatively new method of manufacturing. Its diverse applications range from large, industrial-scale AM machine for making sophisticated aerospace components to something as simple as a desktop 3D printer people use for hobby and education. Being a new technology from which new applications are being explored everyday around the world, it is worth asking questions like, where would this technology have the highest impact on society? Would the benefits gained outweigh the investment?

Developing 3D printed food

While the technology is likely to have strongest impact in the manufacturing industry, it does not necessarily limit the impact in other important areas such as climate and life. One of the research projects being studied involves developing 3D printed food to reduce premature death for people who has difficulty swallowing food.

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