Malin Olander Roese

As researcher, lecturer and supervisor in Innovation Engineering I get to develop and share my passion for individual and organizational development – with a special focus on business strategy, customer orientation and innovation.

My research takes the outset in issues present in industry, and is primarily based on case studies and a qualitative approach striving to address and challenge dominating schools of thought in strategy and management, finding pragmatic results for business.  Studies are conducted in a wide variety of industries, from the paper-, packaging- and consumer goods industries to retail.

In my doctoral thesis: From PowerPoints to Reality – Managing Strategic Change in the Paper Packaging Industry (Lund University Publications), I explore and describe challenges and enablers of moving towards a new strategic direction of increased customer orientation and innovation in established industries. Since 2017 I am conducting research on innovation management in retail. My research is funded by the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova and The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council and I have, in my previous research, been funded by the Bo Rydin Foundation. I am a proud alumni of PIEp, a program that aims to increase product and service innovations and hence competitiveness in Sweden, and am an affiliated researcher to Centre for Retail Research at Lund University and fellow of Foundation IMIT.

I lecture the course in Innovation Engineering (INTN01) – focusing on teaching an approach for innovation inspired by design thinking and supervise Master theses in the areas of strategy, customer orientation and innovation management.

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