Karla Marie Batingan Paredes

"Originally from Manila, Philippines, I have been a PhD student in Innovation Engineering since 2016 and my focus is on innovation management in the world of retail."

I have a bachelor's degree in Food Engineering and a master's degree in Food Innovation and Product Design, as well as professional experience in food product development as well as business development. Although I come from a food and product development background initially, I began to become more interested in looking at innovation from a broader perspective. Thus my research interests have been evolving throughout the years and for my PhD education, my current focus lies in innovation management in organizations, with the retail sector as my empirical setting. However, I still teach a course on food and packaging innovation, and supervise master thesis students in this area.

Innovation plays an important role in organization survival and longevity. This is especially true in retail –there is a growing acknowledgment of the role of innovation in retail practice, as maintaining the status quo might prove insufficient, especially for traditional retailers, to be able to address the enormous challenges they are facing. In academic research, there are also opportunities for research, as innovation management in the domain of retail trade is relatively poorly understood.

Retail trade is a major contributor in terms of GDP and employment in Sweden; also, retail, in social terms, impacts upon most people in our everyday lives.

My research investigates innovation from the retailer's perspective, but how they manage their innovation activities would ultimately affect society in general, since we are the consumers of the products and services that they offer. Moreover, my research has implications for the Swedish retail industry —innovation management is an important concern (even for already powerful Swedish retailers) in order to adapt to massive changes brought about by the current wave of disruption of the retail landscape.

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