Jessica Lagerstedt Wadin

Hi! I’m Jessica.

As sustainable development is a complex topic, driven by challenging open-ended questions with no “right” answer, inductive and problem-based learning are important pedagogical approaches, not only in teaching but also from a research perspective.

I believe that transformation towards a sustainability agenda is a learning process, an important co-development activity between academia and industry.

It is therefore important to understand how sustainable value is created and shared among different stakeholders, and I believe that co-development and symbiosis between academia and industry is needed for progress in the area.

With an overall research interest in firms’ development and spread of sustainable solutions, my research contributes to our understanding of how sustainable value is created and shared among different stakeholders. Bridging societal and industrial challenges and practices with theoretical and academic perspectives in the field of innovation, more specifically design for environment and business model for sustainability, is my main contribution to sustainable development.

Early work (PhD (2003) started with value representation in design for environment (eco-design), followed by ten years in industry, working with strategic analysis, project management, design methodology, teaching, and marketing and sales in the field of eco-design, railway manufacturing and technical consultancy business.

Current research projects focus on:

  1. business model innovation for residential solar energy covering markets undergoing conditional change,
  2. joint business model innovation between emerging firms and large incumbents to speed up the spread of sustainable solutions, as well as
  3. business model transformation of large incumbent utilities towards customer-centric renewable energy business models.  
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