Ilse Svensson De Jong

Ilse Svensson de Jong is a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus on innovation measurement and control systems at the Faculty of Engineering LTH, Lund University.

She obtained her Master in International Business, specialized in Accounting and Accountancy, at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Simultaneously she worked on her Master Study in Management of Technology at Lund University and at CBS Copenhagen, where she was guided by amongst others Jan Mouritsen. The preferred research method is thereof mixed, combining both quantitative and qualitative methods.

As a practitioner, she has been working as a business controller at Unilever and SSAB. Moving back to Skåne she revised her career and continued on an entrepreneurial pathway, leading to an appointment as head of Alnarp Incubator.

At the moment she is working on her PhD in the area of innovation measurement, where the design and the performance of innovation measurement systems are researched. Upcoming articles and subjects are planned to be in the area of:

  1. State of the Art of innovation measurement (Literature review)
  2. State of the Practice of innovation measurement (Survey)
  3. Case study in innovation management
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