Fredrik Nilsson

My research interest is to understand how innovation and renewal can occur in interorganizational contexts with special focus on the benefit and opportunities for users, customers and the society (sustainable development).

With my research background in logistics and innovation, I am especially interested in contributing with knowledge on how health care can transform from being closed and inefficient to becoming patient oriented, inclusive and effective.

Including patients is a new path for health care innovation

While knowledge on improvement in the health care context is neither new nor un-researched, the usage of this knowledge especially in the cooperation between different care givers is not really used. Furthermore, while the evidence-based paradigm is paramount in medicine for treatments, surgery etc. the actual need from patients is taken for granted. Hence, based on a patient perspective and an theoretical grounds in complexity theory my aim is to provide guidance to improve and innovate health care in line with the real needs of patients. Developed methods related to patient oriented health care and the patient process canvas have been developed and used with around 1000 health care professionals and patients.

Developing e-rehabilitation

One area with great challenges in our society is the rehabilitation of cancer patients. Today this is unequal and a service not being available for most patients. In a recent project financed by the Kamprad Foundation, we are trying to extend existing rehabilitation services and make an e-rehabilitation platform generally available to everyone being in need of this.

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