Emil Åkesson

I am a PhD student in Industrial Engineering and Management since 2016, with a research focus on business model innovation, within the context of digitalization.

With my research, I aim to describe how firms go about innovating their business models, so that new tools or processes can be developed to support this activity in a better and more predictable way.

Before landing in my current position I have taken the winding road from engineering physics studies, via software development in a couple of different industries, to management studies. Within the scope of my engineering program, I have also had the great pleasure to spend some time in Canada. First one year at the University of Waterloo and then another at the National Research Council of Canada.

In my work, I am driven by a curiosity to find out how things ‘really work’.

I am driven by a stubbornness to question the taken for granted and to test assumptions that have become generally accepted. This drive is why I have chosen to become a PhD student. It is also what makes this process of learning to become a researcher so much fun!

More and better innovation is needed to solve the pressing global issues currently facing our communities and our planet. To accomplish this, we need to know more about how innovation works. My research aims to uncover some of this knowledge. Importantly, in my research, I try to: remain human-centric, with a mixed social, cultural and cognitive perspective; focus on management practice as it unfolds in the daily life of business firms; all with the long-term goal of providing useful knowledge within these boundaries.

If I am successful in my research, I can only hope that my contribution will add a small but important building block to the global focus areas that LTH has taken on collectively: that it can help our industries transform in a good way through useful digitalization, and thereby advance the terms of our climate, our societies and our lives. Big words. But important, and all connected to innovation.

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