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PhD courses

Introduction to PhD studies at the Department of Design Sciences, Innovation Engineering (4 hp)

Course code: IDE020F

The aim of the course is to enable doctoral students to develop a general understanding of the research process and of different ways of presenting research findings in Innovation Engineering and, where relevant, adjacent subjects. The course consists of two parts: Module 1 provides an overview of the research process and deals with expectations of the PhD programme; Module 2 focuses on publication forms for research. Both modules comprise two meetings with lecturers/supervisors, for each of which the doctoral students are to have prepared through independent study of the required reading and written reflections. 

Innovation and Design (7,5 hp)

Course code: IDE045F

The purpose of this seminar course is to read, discuss and critically reflect on ongoing and “classic” research work of relevance for researchers actively working within the research areas of design and innovation, in the broadest definition. Hence, the usage of the concepts design and innovation may vary from systematic problem solving, management or organizational structures, creative opportunities or art, to way of thinking or mind-set, with the goal to keep a dialogue. The concepts usage is not restricted to a certain profession, but rather the multitude of interpretations and views that will be highlighted and problematized.

Innovation and Value Creation in Research (4 hp)

Course code: INT001F 

The aim of this course is to broaden the concept of innovation and to equip PhD students with tools and processes, ”innovation and value creation lenses” needed to be able put their research in a utilization and societal perspective. This will stimulate the transfer of research results to society, and contribute to enhanced innovation and cooperation between academia, investors, business society and society as whole.
Course director: Jessica Wadin, 

Business Models and Business Model Innovation (7,5 hp)

Course code: IDE040F 

The aim of the course is to give doctoral students knowledge about the historical and theoretical background and different schools related to the business model and business model innovation concepts; knowledge about application areas of business model innovation and tools for business model generation and innovation; knowledge about related concepts, especially strategy and critical perspectives on business models; and practical experience of working with business model innovation tools as well as of real-world cases of business model innovation in established companies, entrepreneurial start-ups and new technologies.

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